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CrushGrind® 25 Wood (Shaftless) Mechanism

CrushGrind® 25 Wood (Shaftless) Mechanism

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The CrushGrind® Wood mechanism is a unique mechanism that allows for different styles. This mechanism requires a 3 part body; the base where the mechanism is securely fit, the body that turns, and turns half of the mechanism providing the grinding action, and the top to enclose the mill.

CrushGrind® 25 mechanisms have ceramic grinding parts, and therefore can be used to grind any spice, including rock salt.

The CrushGrind® Mechanisms are functional units that can be easily integrated into any kind of grinder design. CrushGrind® is acknowledged for its superior quality.

Each mechanism serves a purpose – let us guide you on which mechanism to use for your specific product.