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Dimar Woodpecker Forstner Bit Set

Dimar Woodpecker Forstner Bit Set

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Woodpecker HSS Forstner Bits are ideal for producing flat bottom holes on an irregular surface, Ornamental Edging, Mortising, Counterbore Holes, and Pocket holes. 

This set can be used to drill the 4 different diameters needed to install the standard CrushGrind® mechanism.

Includes a 45 mm, 38 mm, 27 mm, and 22 mm diameter bit (1-3/4", 1-1/2", 1-1/16", 7/8").

  • The bit incorporates a sawtooth style and wave-form side clearance for tear-free accurate holes. 
  • The modified head of the bit reduces friction resulting in cooler boring and longer tool life. 
  • Cuts most Softwood, Hardwood.